Month: June 2015

I just went to a 3-day concert series. It was a Christian music festival and hubby and I got dragged along with family. The festival was sponsored by what I guess is a major Christian radio station in Phoenix. They did giveaways the whole time…including tablets and 100 cruise tickets (with Michael W Smith…ooooohhhh). The festival […]

Guys…We’re fostering NINE puppies for the humane society. Oh. My. Dog. There’s a lot of poo. Like a lot, a lot. They’re adorable, fuzzy, playful…and a ton of work. But they need to be cared for in a home! They’re only 6-weeks old and have to be 8-weeks before they can be spayed and neutered. […]

What the what?! You guys, I got nominated for this! Too cool, really. Thank you to How To Stuff Your Pig for sharing the love. Such a great blog about money management, and it’s all broken down into posts that are super duper easy to read, understand, and relate to. The blogging community is pretty […]

I come from a family of workaholics. There is this crazy drive in me to work harder and do better than everyone else…and its so strong it could kill a person. I’ve watched it exhaust my family. From health problems, to heartache, my clan has a way of working themselves into the ground. Not me. […]

We finally went camping! Philip and I love camping and used to go at least once a month. Since Philip has gotten through flight training and has become an instructor, though, we hardly get to go and have only been camping twice this year. Camping is so therapeutic for me. It clears my mind from […]

Ugh, it’s been a while since I’ve been good and made up a meal plan. Philip and I were kicking butt on our budgeting and debt payment plan at the beginning of the year. Meal planning is a major part of that, believe it or not. But we had family visit in March (back to back […]

There really is no shortage of opinions in the tiny living community. And this is a great thing. We’ve been trying to decide if we want to go for building a tiny home, or rehabbing an old travel trailer or an Airstream. One thing I should add to explain our conflict on these options is that […]

Paying off debt is a ton of work, and you have to have something to look forward to when all the hard work is over. Kind of like you’ll eat all your peas because you want dessert (when you were a kid, but now we’re grown-ups and can eat our dessert whenever we want…BOOM!) We […]

Typically when someone starts up a new project they’re passionate about, they tell everyone they know, especially their biggest cheerleaders, who are often family. Guess what… I haven’t told ANY of my family about this blog. Notta one. I have told some of my family about our goal to go tiny. My little sister, and […]

What?! You guys, there are SO MANY dead blogs out there on tiny living. I went through a blogroll the other day of about 50+ sites. Probably 55% of the blogs I looked at hadn’t been touched in years, and the other 35% were of people hanging up their hat on their tiny home (by either selling […]