What?! You guys, there are SO MANY dead blogs out there on tiny living. I went through a blogroll the other day of about 50+ sites. Probably 55% of the blogs I looked at hadn’t been touched in years, and the other 35% were of people hanging up their hat on their tiny home (by either selling or giving up on building).

I constantly have doubts in my mind as to whether we’ll really be able to get this project off the ground and achieve financial freedom. I didn’t need that doubt strengthened by so many failed projects.

Now I need to probably go find a couple of sites of people who have actually made it across the finish line and are loving life. Or I need to go get a drink, I suppose.

To start, here’s a video I saw the other day that absolutely inspired me. I’ll try to put the fact that this family is no longer living and traveling in their Airstream either out of my head…

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