Guys…We’re fostering NINE puppies for the humane society. Oh. My. Dog.

There’s a lot of poo. Like a lot, a lot.

They’re adorable, fuzzy, playful…and a ton of work. But they need to be cared for in a home! They’re only 6-weeks old and have to be 8-weeks before they can be spayed and neutered.

philip puppiesTheir names are:

  1. Carson
  2. Caleb
  3. Camille
  4. Claire
  5. Caden
  6. Colleen
  7. Conner
  8. Charlotte
  9. Curt (I couldn’t remember his name and when it came to me, I pictured Julie Andrews putting a pal on her forehead and saying “God bless Kurt” … Sound of Music, anyone? Okay…)

We’ve had them for half a week, and will have them until next Wednesday. So far we have gone through about 50 puppy pads, 20 lbs of food, half a box of cleaning gloves, and our shoestrings are all chewed up.

But it’s very rewarding to be able to help these defenseless little ones. Also, my husband is a saint.

So I’m going to be a little preoccupied for the next week and you may not see me around much until they’re ready for forever homes.

Just know I’m keeping big bellies full, little paws out of poo, and giving lots of cuddles. 🙂

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