Category: Financial Freedom

I just went to a 3-day concert series. It was a Christian music festival and hubby and I got dragged along with family. The festival was sponsored by what I guess is a major Christian radio station in Phoenix. They did giveaways the whole time…including tablets and 100 cruise tickets (with Michael W Smith…ooooohhhh). The festival […]

I come from a family of workaholics. There is this crazy drive in me to work harder and do better than everyone else…and its so strong it could kill a person. I’ve watched it exhaust my family. From health problems, to heartache, my clan has a way of working themselves into the ground. Not me. […]

Ugh, it’s been a while since I’ve been good and made up a meal plan. Philip and I were kicking butt on our budgeting and debt payment plan at the beginning of the year. Meal planning is a major part of that, believe it or not. But we had family visit in March (back to back […]

We have been researching and mulling over our tiny future for about six months now. It all started with us being SO OVER focusing on our debt repayment plan. When you’re trying to accelerate loan repayment, there are really two options: increase your income, or lower your expenses. Philip works as a flight instructor, and I […]