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There really is no shortage of opinions in the tiny living community. And this is a great thing. We’ve been trying to decide if we want to go for building a tiny home, or rehabbing an old travel trailer or an Airstream. One thing I should add to explain our conflict on these options is that […]

What?! You guys, there are SO MANY dead blogs out there on tiny living. I went through a blogroll the other day of about 50+ sites. Probably 55% of the blogs I looked at hadn’t been touched in years, and the other 35% were of people hanging up their hat on their tiny home (by either selling […]

There are so many options for going tiny. And if you just do a quick Google search you’ll find heated debates on all the different methods, with enthusiasts defending their opinions. This “tiny house” community is definitely passionate. But we’re not convinced yet. Don’t get me wrong–we’re convinced that we should go tiny, we’re just […]