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Guys…We’re fostering NINE puppies for the humane society. Oh. My. Dog. There’s a lot of poo. Like a lot, a lot. They’re adorable, fuzzy, playful…and a ton of work. But they need to be cared for in a home! They’re only 6-weeks old and have to be 8-weeks before they can be spayed and neutered. […]

What the what?! You guys, I got nominated for this! Too cool, really. Thank you to How To Stuff Your Pig for sharing the love. Such a great blog about money management, and it’s all broken down into posts that are super duper easy to read, understand, and relate to. The blogging community is pretty […]

Typically when someone starts up a new project they’re passionate about, they tell everyone they know, especially their biggest cheerleaders, who are often family. Guess what… I haven’t told ANY of my family about this blog. Notta one. I have told some of my family about our goal to go tiny. My little sister, and […]