The Tiny Trail

A journey to financial freedom, minimalist living, and happiness.

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Paying off debt is a ton of work, and you have to have something to look forward to when all the hard work is over. Kind of like you’ll eat all your peas because you want dessert (when you were a kid, but now we’re grown-ups and can eat our dessert whenever we want…BOOM!) We […]

Typically when someone starts up a new project they’re passionate about, they tell everyone they know, especially their biggest cheerleaders, who are often family. Guess what… I haven’t told ANY of my family about this blog. Notta one. I have told some of my family about our goal to go tiny. My little sister, and […]

What?! You guys, there are SO MANY dead blogs out there on tiny living. I went through a blogroll the other day of about 50+ sites. Probably 55% of the blogs I looked at hadn’t been touched in years, and the other 35% were of people hanging up their hat on their tiny home (by either selling […]

There are so many options for going tiny. And if you just do a quick Google search you’ll find heated debates on all the different methods, with enthusiasts defending their opinions. This “tiny house” community is definitely passionate. But we’re not convinced yet. Don’t get me wrong–we’re convinced that we should go tiny, we’re just […]

We have been researching and mulling over our tiny future for about six months now. It all started with us being SO OVER focusing on our debt repayment plan. When you’re trying to accelerate loan repayment, there are really two options: increase your income, or lower your expenses. Philip works as a flight instructor, and I […]

Here’s the deal. We plan to talk about going tiny, yes. But we also want to share the things we love that are driving us to go tiny. This means the financial freedom to go camping more, hiking more, travel more, visit friends and family more, and, in general, to enjoy life more. So get […]

I’m Elisabeth–wife of Philip, momma to two fur kids, auntie of 12 (soon to be 13), director of marketing for an animal shelter, friend to mostly long-distance besties, and lover of the outdoors. Camping and hiking are the things that rejuvenate me. Money and social expectations are things that stress me out. My husband and […]